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Ranger Villain Profile: Magiranger Underground Hades Empire Infershia

The Underground Hades Empire Infershia (地底冥府インフェルシア, Chitei Meifu Inferushia) are a fictional group of antagonists in the Japanese Super Sentai series Mahou Sentai Magiranger. They are from the Kedomono Realm at the center of the Earth in Hades, which is ruled by the mysterious N Ma. Years ago, N Ma created the Hades Gate to send his entire army to Earth, but was stopped by the Heavenly Saint Blagel 15 years ago. One thing to note is that almost no magicians make up the Infershia's ranks, only those who have joined from outside Infershia, and even that was few: Blagel/Wolzard and Raigel/Meemy. N Ma uses his agents to break the seal so he can conquer the surface world. However, overtime, some of the Infershia began to realize N Ma's insane obsession of destroying the Heavenly Saints and the Ozu Family became too reckless due to so many needless deaths. Once N Ma is destroyed, Hades Goddess Sphinx took over to rebuild their world and start anew with Magitopia.

Absolute God N Ma (絶対神ン・マ, Zettaishin N Ma, 2-34, 46-49) is the mysterious leader of the Infershia. He has gone by many titles including "Hades Beast Emperor N Ma" (冥獣帝ン・マ , Meijūtei N Ma) by Wolzard and the Book of Prophecy and "The Great Beast" by Meemy. Long ago, N Ma created the Hades Gate to send his armies to the surface and conquer it. After a fierce struggle, he and his followers were defeated and sealed away by Blagel. However, N Ma uses cursed reincarnation to transform Blagel into his loyal servant Wolzard. N Ma contacted his minions via a white pool at the center of the lair, which turned red when in use. While his form was not entirely revealed until Stage 34, his appearance is of Lovecraftian origin. Blagel sacrificed himself once more to stop N Ma by sealing the demon's soul in his own body. The Hades Gods later managed to free N Ma from his new prison and he was resurrected in Titan's lifeless body, molding it to reflect his own twisted image: a skeletal fallen angel-like humanoid form. In this new body, N Ma could shoot numerous tentacles from his mouth and use his true power: absorbing all magic around him.

While he used the remaining Hades Gods to fight the Magirangers on the 3rd day of his revival, N Ma went to Magitopia to personally destroy it and anyone there. Blagel and Sungel went to Magitopia to confront the Absolute God, only to suffer a painful death before N-Ma attacks the Magirangers, taking them to the future N-Ma intends to create: A world of pure darkness and despair. But the fact that one flower grew in such an area gave the Ozu siblings enough courage to keep fighting N Ma, with Kai forcing N Ma to bring then all back to the present. By then, N-Ma learns that Sphinx and Vancuria defected from him, reviving Hikaru and Isamu, resulting with both sides gathered against him. N Ma was finally destroyed when he attempted to devour the entire Ozu family's (including Hikaru's) overflowing, infinite courage and magic, causing him to explode from the massive build up in his body.

Infershia High Commanders

N Ma had two High Commanders that ruled the Infershia in his stead.

Victory General Branken (凱力大将ブランケン, Gairiki Taishō Buranken, 1-18): The high commander, though it seemed Wolzard was calling the shots. Once a High Zobil, Branken strove to reach his rank and sees that the weak had no place in Infershia and had a short temper, attacking Wolzard, Vancuria and minions when they displeased them. Branken was part machine, and had gears that moved and a standing horn that steam came out, especially when he was angry. He wielded the Imperial Sword Hell Fang, which is a sword made from N Ma's fang. that his uses his "Hell Slash" attack. As he was couldn't enter the surface world, Braken from using Hades Beasts tp ordering Wolzard to steal the Magirangers' MagiKing magic to reach the surface, only for Wolzard to refuse him. This sparked a rivalry between them as Wolzard seemed to have left Branken trapped in the seal, and because of this they constantly fought amongst themselves. Once Lunagel was captured by Wolzard, the Hades Gate rises up and Branken manages to force himself onto the surface realm before the gate closes. Branken's plans were foiled when Lunagel was freed, and when she once again sealed the Hades Gate. Both he and his ambitions were soon destroyed by the bonds of the Ozu siblings (Who were aided by MagiMother's spirit and magic) with MagiKing. Only his Hell Fang remained, which Wolzard takes for his own.

Sorcery Priest Meemy (魔導神官メーミィ, Madōshinkan Mēmī, 19-34, Boukenger vs. Super Sentai): The high commander who took over when Branken was killed. He wielded an extendable fan, which had a mirror that allowed Meemy to see what was happening on the surface world, but in the Duel Bond he wielded a Magitopian sword. He was originally the Heavenly Saint Raigel (天空聖者ライジェル, Tenkū Seija Raijeru), the Heavenly Saint of lightning who saw magic as a way to grant his own selfish desires and along with Sungel was Blagel's pupil. He betrayed his comrades by reporting their plans to N Ma, leaving Blagel to the mercy of the Hades Beastman Four Kings of Hell, and sealing Lunagel's memories after she sealed the Hades Gate. Sungel, who had learned of Raigel's treachery, fought him and, upon being turned into a frog, sealed himself and the mummified Raigel in a cave, an event which Raigel swore undying revenge for.

His lifeless body remained there until it was found by Nai & Mea, who took him to N Ma to be resurrected to replace Branken. Meemy, seeing himself a vassal to N Ma, worked hard to bring N Ma into the human world with his clever planning. He eventually found a means with the Magirangers' Legend powers, which was temporarily successful. He was finally killed off by Hikaru (using Meemy's own sword) in the Magitopia Duel Bond, reverting back to Raigel as his body dissolved into dust. His final words were of the advent of the Infershia Pantheon.

During the events of Boukenger vs Super Sentai special, Memmy was the first to be bought back to life by the power of the one of Gajah's Gōdom Engines provided to Chronos to and aid him in his plan. He teamed up with Chronos to fight HurricaneBlue, AbareBlack, DekaBreak, MagiYellow and BoukenSilver and easily defeated them because they refused to work together. In the end, however, he was used as an ingredient to create a new Precious, the Staff of the Three Philosophers, that powered Chronos up. After Chronos was destroyed by 'Burning Legend DaiVoyager, so too was the staff, and Meemy along with it.

Phantom Spy Vancuria (妖幻密使バンキュリア, Yōgen Misshi Bankyuria): Infershia's spy, she is Queen of the Vampires adversely unaffected by sunlight and virtually unkillable. However, though she was immortal, her existence was a lonely one and overtime developed an ability to split herself up into the Nightmare Sisters as a remedy for it. As a result of her "special body", Vancuria was not constrained by the seal that kept the rest of Infershia underground and thus served as an overseer of her masters' plans. She had a bit of a crush on both Branken (Until then he tried to kill her for her failure) and Meemy (though she couldn't stand him at first). Vancuria also had some admiration for Wolzard as he helps her sometimes such increasing her abilities while pursing Lunagel.

She awakened the Hades Gods when she discovered their lair, a hummingbird in size when compared to the Gods in their true size. She was kept alive by the Hades Gods so that she could serve them as a spy. After hearing Sphinx attempting to reason with Dagon and Sleipnir, Vancuria began to have second thoughts about N Ma. As a result, she went against N Ma's wishes by reviving Sphinx as well as those N Ma had killed. In the end, she joined Sphinx in the "new Infershia".

Nai & Mea (ナイとメア, Nai to Mea): They are actually a split form of Vancuria, the result of Vancuria's attempt to have company to cure her loneliness. They are mischievous vampire-like girls dressed in Gothic Lolita attire, with Nai seems to be the 'older sister' as Mea tends to only repeat a portion of what Nai has just said. They usually combine back to Vancuria when they get serious in a fight. In their splintered form, the sisters use a variety of weapon from their Bloody Squall bombs to the signature weapons while powered up by Wolzard: the Exploding Turrent Gun of Destruction and Dark Heavy Crossbow of Death. Their names together are the pronunciation of the English word "nightmare" in Japanese.

Sword of Glúm (Sōdo Obu Gurūmu)
(Movie) The monster Sword of Glúm is the Hades Beast Fusion (Meiju Gattai) of the Ultra Hades Beast Living Sword and the King of the Hades Beastman Berserkers, Glúm do Bridon. It is a centaur/scorpion type of creature of immense power and size, growing much larger than the MagiMajin although not as large as Meemy when he used his magic to enlarge himself for the first time. First to be killed by SaintKaiser.

The Hades Beastman Berserker King Glúm do Bridon (Meijūjin Bāzākā Kingu Gurūmu do Bridon) is King of the Hades Beastman Berserkers (Meijūjin Bāzākā), the strongest species of Infershia's warriors. Seeking battle even in death, their undying soul cling to King's armor. As Infershian legends say, should the King of the Hades Beastman Berserkers and a pure-hearted human girl marry, all the spirits trapped in the armor would be resurrected into the world. Glúm kidnapped Yuka Yamazaki to be his bride in order to bring his army of Hades Beastman Berserkers into the world. He used the Puppet's Ring that absorbed the souls of humans to put Yuka under his control and make her love him. He wore a helmet that concealed his hideous face. As the type of Hades Beastman he is, once he becomes enraged, spikes shoot out from his armor, even from his face plate and his strength and defense doubles. During the wedding, he wore a cape. He wielded a glaive that could also turn into a sword or gun. His marriage would have been successful, if Kai hadn't intervened. He was consumed by his minion Living Sword to become Sword of Glúm, only to be killed by SaintKaiser, with MagiDragon and Travelion's aid.

The Ultra Hades Beast Living Sword (Urutorameijū Ribingu Sōdo) was King Glúm do Bridon's metallic servant that is actually an animated sword. A Godzilla-like beast whose body is composed of many metallic spikes and blades and whose roar sounds like both that of Gigan and Megalon. He fought and defeated MagiKing, and aided in King Glúm do Bridon's kidnapping of Yuka Yamazaki. He consumed his master in order to become Sword of Glúm, only to be killed by SaintKaiser

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