Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Gekiranger Sea Fist Demon Rageku

Sea Fist Demon Rageku (海の拳魔ラゲク, Umi no Kenma Rageku, 1, 15-35, 49) is a grand mistress of the Confrontation Beast Jelly-Fist (臨獣ジェリー拳, Rinjū Jerīken), a style that allows its user to let opponents' physical attacks pass right through, neutralizing them. Her training is based on jealousy and envy, targeting Master Sha-Fu, whom she refers to as "Darling" (ダーリン, Dārin) as he spurred her romantic feelings for him in the past. She addresses other people of lower status using the informal "-chan" (ちゃん, "-chan") suffix, as opposed to "-san" (さん, "-san"). Rageku is the second of the Fist Demons to be revived, with Mele's help, buried at the bottom of the deep-sea beyond light and sound. She instructs both Rio and Mele, teaching them to use their envy to become much more powerful. Both she and Kata intended to celebrate their student's victory over the Gekirangers' defeat by destroying the city, until they sensed Rio's defeat by Super GekiRed. Rageku vainly pleaded with the enraged Rio not to revive Maku, who beats her and Kata up after his rebirth.

During the Beast Origin Village incident, Rageku uses her power to send the Gekirangers, Rio, and Mele back into the Edo era before incinerating the area in an attempt to destroy SaiDain. She later battled GekiChopper and was nearly killed by him after he managed to overcome her defenses. Though she evaded death at the hands of the Gekirangers, she is eventually murdered by Long as Maku battles the Gekirangers; turned into a puddle of her former self upon realizing Long's true nature as he takes her broken staff as proof of her demise. Her Confrontation Ki is transferred to Retsu by Rio, who utilizes it to merge her style with his own, unifying the two schools.

Before entering battle, Rageku says, "Envy is power bestowed. Sea Fist Demon, Confrontation Beast Jelly-Fist's Rageku!" (嫉妬が力をくれる。海の拳魔 臨獣ジェリー拳のラゲク!, Shitto ga chikara o kureru. Umi no Kenma, Rinjū Jerīken no Rageku!)

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