Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Shinkenger Dayu

Thin-Skinned Dayu (薄皮太夫, Usukawa Dayū) is Doukoku's right hand and the only one he is kind to as long as she knows her place as his servant and obeys without question. She loves to collect beautiful things, and plays the shamisen, creating eerie and unsettling songs that usually soothe her master's rage. Wishing to recapture the past she begins kidnapping brides to use their depair to create a uchikake. In battle, she wields a shortsword hidden in her shamisen, with the Headstock as its hilt.

* Her name is translated as thin-skinned courtesan (薄皮太夫 ,usukawa tayū)
* She is the basis for the futakuchi-onna (二口女 ) of Japanese myth.

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