Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Sun Vulcan Enemies

Machine Empire Black Magma (機械帝国ブラックマグマ, Kikai Teikoku Burakku Maguma) is an organization worshipping the Black Solar God based at the Iron Claw Castle at the North Pole. Intends to have its Mechahumans rule the world.

Führer Hell Saturn (ヘルサターン総統, Heru Satān Sōtō) (1-49) - The leader of Black Magma, draped in black. He was revealed as underling of the Omnipotent God.

Zero Girls (ゼロガールズ, Zero Gāruzu) (01-04) - Female spies ; cf. the similar girl team in Shaider. 01 ultimately dies mid-series.

The Omnipotent God (全能の神, Zennō no Kami) - The true leader of Black Magma

Queen Hedrian (ヘドリアン女王, Hedorian Joō) (5–49) - The main villain from the previous Sentai series Denziman, now brought back as a cyborg by the Omnipotent God to serve Black Magma.

Amazon Killer (アマゾンキラー, Amazon Kirā) (23–50) - A Vader field officer who came from space. She replaced the slain 01.

Lightning Galaxer (イナズマギンガー, Inazuma Gingā) (45–49) - A space pirate known as the "Invincible Electric Man of the Galaxy" (銀河無敵の電気男, Ginga Muteki no Denki Otoko). He is sought by the Galactic Police. He ends up as the Lightning Monger

Dark Q (ダークQ, Dāku Kyū) (1-22) - A spy robot able to change its appearance.

Machinemen (マシンマン, Mashinman) - The grunts in black with the red insignia of Black Magma on their faces.

Hell Fighters (ヘルファイター, Heru Faitā) - Black Magma's black fighter planes with the red insignia of Black Magma.

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  1. I really liked Sun Vulcan.
    Are the zero girls robots or cyborg?
    I don't understand why Amazon Killer explodes after she stabs herself. If anyone knows, please let share. Thanks.