Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Zyuranger Lamie

Lamie (ラミイ, Ramii, 19-50) is the human-looking agent of Bandora who entered the scene after 170 million years of waiting for the return of her husband, Grifforzer. She loves her husband very much and always calls him "Darling". She wields the Lamie Boomerang, a crescent-shaped blade that doubles as a sword. But when she is enlarged, she becomes the monstrous Lamie-Scorpion (ラミィスコーピオン, Ramī Sukōpion) with an electrocuting stinger on her ponytail which is still a dangerous opponent to the Zyurangers but only with Grifforzer's help. When Grifforzer had already somewhat caused Daizyujin trouble, she was also enlarged. When the Zyuranger were dealing with Dora Silkis, Lamie found a rival in Mei in the art of disguises. She gives birth to her and Grifforzer's son at the end of the series, who looks human.

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