Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Zyuranger Tottopatto

Tottopatto (トットパット, Tottopatto) is a wingless vampire bat monster who has never tasted blood and is a scatterbrain alchemist. Once tried to taste the blood of a little girl named Michi when the Rangers were dealing with Dora Argus, but Dan intervened. A fast-talker sort, talking faster when nervous. He is the companion of Bukkubakku, whom he picks on for being slow, and much of a comedy relief, able to assume human form. Is very much afraid of Lamie as she stung him once with her stinger. His name is perhaps an ironic pun on "bat" and "tooth-paste", as he's a somewhat harmless and funny vampire.

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  1. The proper romanization is "Totbat". That sub was done by an asshat hack.

    Also: The only vampire lamer than Edward Cullen.