Sunday, May 3, 2009

Over 22,000 Hits!

I feel so incredibly blessed, to see the hard work I've been putting into this blog actually bearing fruit.

I started this blog on February 27th. I have it set so that anyone visiting for over an hour will be counted as a new hit. I don't know entirely wether that's still impressive or not. Still, this number, is simply astounding to me. Over 22,000 Hits.

I think I know one reason why I'm getting so many hits - and it's because some of my images are showing up in Google searches. So, if someone isn't following my site - at least they are getting the benefit of the content I've been putting up.

And that - really - is the whole reason I started this thing to begin with. I wanted to make finding Super Sentai images easier for fans - since I had such a hard time finding images myself at first.

So, even if half of those hits are image-search related, I'm still very pleased with the results and the use people are finding from this blog.

I also want to again thank each and every visitor for coming to the site.

You know what I actually feel like? I feel like the Gaorangers, (from Gaoranger vs Super Sentai) seeing all the many Red Rangers coming from over the hill.

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