Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ranger Ally Profile: Dairanger Master Kaku

Master Kaku (道士嘉挧, Dōshi Kaku) (1-48, 50): Originally a member of Gorma, Chief Officer Jiaxu (嘉挧参謀長, Kaku Sanbōchō), he formed the Dairangers to oppose Gorma in the present day under the human alias of Master Kaku. But when Daijinryuu appeared, he returned to Gorma in his metallic red Cyclops-like armor. Jiaxu hoped he could stop the fight as the 16th Gorma Emperor to end the war, using the Tower of You Power and the Tower of Qi Power as boosters to battle Shadam for the right to the throne. But once Gara and Zydos destroyed them, Jiaxu lost against Shadam, mortally wounded and died in the arms of the Dairangers. He later appeared in spirit to the Dairangers anf told them that Gorma must be thwarted rather than be destroyed.

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