Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ranger Ally Profile: Gekiranger Bae

Bae (バエ, Bae) is actually a blabbermouth practitioner of the Fierce Beast Fly-Fist (激獣フライ拳, Gekijū Furaiken) style, which utilizes the user's words into Fierce Ki. He fought Mele while he was watching a giant battle during the time of the Fierce-Confrontation Rebellion, and ending up being eaten by her after he assumed his anthropomorphic fly form upon performing an imperfect version of the forbidden Gekiwaza in a vain attempt to take her down. However, the residual energy Rio used to bring Mele back to life had unintentionally resurrected Bae as well for only a limited amount of time. As a result, Bae's life is dependent on Mele and being away from her for too long can prove fatal. He usually stays within her stomach, but when a battle between the GekiBeasts and a giant Beast-Man begins, he gets out by impulse and acts as a commentator for the battle, rooting for GekiTohja and GekiFire, until it ends and Mele eats him again. He also acts as a sort of unwanted confidant for Mele, which aggravates her to no end, even though she keeps him around out of pride. As a Fierce Beast-Fist user, he is a well of knowledge when it comes to the Beast Arts, knowing the Fist Saints well and vice-versa. Though the Fist Saints, except for Sha Fu and Sharkie, accused him as a traitor until the truth is revealed when Bae helped Gou to overcome his werewolf side even though he died as a result. However, Mele revived Bae due to the fact that Bae was resurrected by Rio, and therefore was part of her love for him. When Bae brought the Gekirangers to save her, Mele has a change of heart for Bae and treats him like an equal soon after. Furthermore, due to Mele's purging herself of Phantom Ki, what remained of it entered Bae, giving him a true life. After the final battle, Bae tags along with Gou as he sets off on on his own journey. They both say their farewells to Jan before heading off.

Bae returns in Go-Onger Vs. Gekiranger to commentate on the giant battle against Long Banki.

Sha-Fu said that his motto is "There is training while speaking" (喋りの中に修行あり, Shaberi no naka ni shugyō ari). His name is a play on the Japanese word for "fly" (ハエ, hae).

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