Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ranger Ally Profile: Gekiranger Master Sha-Fu

Master Sha-Fu (マスター・シャーフー, Masutā Shā Fū) is a grand master of the Fierce Beast Felis-Fist (激獣フェリス拳, Gekijū Ferisuken) style. He is the mentor of the Gekirangers and leader of the Fist Sages, mastering all three of its aspects and able to channel Extreme Ki. He seemed to had a relationship with Rageku prior their transformations, with him spurring her love for him. He was originally a friend of Maku; however, Sha-Fu turned down Brusa's offer to be his successor and suggested Maku. This act of kindness wounded Maku's pride and ended their friendship, which Sha-Fu regretted ever since. Sha-Fu appears to be an aged anthropomorphic caracal with his eyes normally closed, opening them when he gets serious and deep like sensing the qi like those of the Akugata. He loves to be scratched on the neck, referred to by Jan as "Cat" (猫, Neko), and always carries around a triangle with him. His motto is "There is training in one's livelihood" (暮らしの中に修行あり, Kurashi no naka ni shugyō ari), as his training has the Gekirangers learning from the various things life has to offer. While helping Jan, Sha-Fu found one of Long's scale in the ruins of Jan's hometown, learning the truth behind Maku's betrayal among the revelations of Rio and Jan's past encounters with Long.

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