Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ranger Ally Profile: Magiranger Heavenly Arch Saint Magiel

Heavenly Arch Saint Magiel (天空大聖者マジエル, Tenkū Daiseija Majieru)

Heavenly Saint of all Magic, she is referred to as the leader and the most powerful of the Heavenly Saints. She hails from the Heavenly Temple, the highest point in Magitopia, and is a Giantess. At first she refused to let Ozu siblings borrow Unigolon due to the fact that Magitopian law dictates that only humans can deal with matters on their own. Magiel even admitted she frowned on both Blagel's choice to sacrifice himself and Miyuki's intent to learn magic. But after seeing the same courage their parents showed, Magiel allowed them Unigolon's aid and made a later exception on the distributation of the Legendary Magicians' power to the Ozu Siblings. When N Ma came to Magitopia in Stage 48, N Ma confronted Magiel, but Magiel sealed N Ma in an orb of fire called the Hollow Mirage. N Ma broke the orb and began destroying Magitopia. Before Magiel was seemingly killed, she managed to teleport Lunagel away to the human world. In the finale Magiel is revealed to have survived N Ma's assault by teleporting away to the Flower Garden of Souls. A year after N Ma's destruction, she was still getting used to a human (Urara) living on the rebuilt Magitopia.

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