Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ranger Ally Profile: Magiranger Mandora Boy

Mandora Boy (マンドラ坊や, Mandora Bōya)

A young Mandrake the Magiranger met when they found their secret headquarters. Despite being in a pot, he can hop around as well as fly. He has a tendency to end most of his sentences with "de gozarimasu desu!" or "de gozarimasu desu yo!". He will often give advice to the team, particularly Kai, and introduced their individual abilities to them (such as Urara's fortune telling). He is very emotional and easily excited and tends to bicker with Smoky when he and MagiShine joined the team. At the end of each episode when a new spell is introduced on the Magiranger's side, he explains the spell's ability. In the Movie, he grew into a Beanstalk-like ladder for the Magirangers to go to Magitopia in order to see Magiel.

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