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Ranger Profile: Boukenger BoukenSilver

Boukenger BoukenSilver

Eiji Takaoka (高丘 映士, Takaoka Eiji) / BoukenSilver (ボウケンシルバー, Bōkenshirubā)

Dazzling Adventurer (眩き冒険者, Mabayuki Bōkensha)

He is descendant of the Takaoka Clan, those most likely responsible for having sealed the Ashu Tribe - a race of 'demons,' in the World of Demons utilizing the "Mirror of Demons." He debuts in Task 17 "The Ashu's Mirror," as a monk-like warrior in pursuit of the Ashu Tribe, with a strange power. Aloof and somewhat arrogant, to Eiji, the world's Precious are of little value to him; all that concerns him is the Ashu Tribe. And it is this attitude that tends to rub others the wrong way, especially Masumi. Furthermore, Eiji's father Kando had history with the Ashu and was slain by Gai, which is the source of Eiji's aggression, as well as the fact his own mother Kei was an Ashu as well, making Eiji a hanyō who believed his birth was an excuse to continue the Ashu bloodline.

Eiji at first wielded Kando's shakujo. It allowed him to perform the "Takaoka-Style Ashu Soul Destruction," which was effective on normal Ashu. But Gai, now a Quester (as is Rei), broke the shakujo with his hip and gunned the ornament into oblivion. As a result, Eiji's Ashu lineage surfaced and nearly overtook him until SGS created the SagaSniper for him along with a Go Go Changer allowing him to transform into BoukenSilver. Because his Accel Suit is connected to the new Neo-Parallel Engines, he is not affected by the Gordom Engine. Satoru told Eiji that the SagaSniper had the same power as his shakujo, but this was eventually revealed as a lie, since Satoru knew that Eiji's heart fought against and could control his Ashu side under his own power. When offered to be the Boukengers comrades he initially agreed, but when he remembered his father Kando he hesitated and ran away. After talking with Natsuki and seeing his mother's tear, he realized his place in the world and joined the Boukengers officially, joining the SGS Rescue division, receiving his silver jacket.

His rivals are the Ashu Tribe & the Questers, specifically Gai. When Ouga was awakened, Eiji attempted to performed the Ashu Soul Destruction on Ouga, but his soul was dragged by the Ashu into the limbo between worlds. But Eiji managed to defeat Ouga there and managed to return to his body and help the others fight the Questers. In the end, Eiji finally defeated Gai as he had vowed to and later setting up grave markers for him and Rei as a sign of respect. During Boukenger vs. Super Sentai, To help his comrades, Eiji gave the Spirit of Hope to Akared to power up Daivoyager to its Burning Legend form. When Masumi took leave, Eiji filled his spot during mecha formations. In task 48, Eiji reunited with his mother Kei once more in the house where he grew up in, and she helps Eiji discover what his personal treasure is, which is to have his own adventure. In task 49 after the final battle between Gajah, Eiji spends the majority of his time in rescue work in SGS Rescue, assisting the Boukengers on the side until a new BoukenRed and BoukenPink are recruited.

* "Takaoka" (高丘, "Takaoka") is from the surname of Japanese imperial family member and Buddhist Takaoka Shin'ou (高丘親王, Takaoka Shin'ō). He left for India to try to find Nirvana after resigning the title of Crown Prince. However, he went missing while sailing.
* "Eiji" (映士, "Eiji") is pronounced like the chemical symbol for silver: Ag. The first character of his name, "ei" (映, ei), means "reflection", comparable to a silver mirror.

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