Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ranger Profile: Carranger Blue Race

Carranger Blue Race

Naoki Domon (土門 直樹, Domon Naoki) / Blue Racer (ブルーレーサー, Burū Rēsā)

He is the youngest and smartest of the team, 17 years old and very polite and shy. He works as a car designer at Pegasus Garage. Naoki is also an animal lover.

    * Formula Weapon: Muffler Guns (マフラーガン, Mafurā Gan)
    * Special attacks: Hairpin Kick (ヘアピンキック, Heapin Kikku) (A spinning roundhouse kick) , Hyper Hairpin Kick (ハイパーヘアピンキック, Haipā Heapin Kikku) (A flying somersaulting kick), Passing Flash (パッシングフラッシュ, Passhingu Furasshu) (A blinding flash from Blue Racer's helmet headlights)

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