Friday, May 1, 2009

Ranger Profile: Carranger Red Racer

Carranger Red Racer

Kyousuke Jinnai (陣内 恭介, Jinnai Kyōsuke) / Red Racer (レッドレーサー, Reddo Rēsā)

He is a test driver at the Pegasus auto garage, normally only assigned to do errands and odd jobs. Kyousuke is originally selfish enough to abandon his team because he wants to drive his boss's classic car. Soon, though, Kyousuke realized that he had a responsibility as Carranger leader and became very conscientious, although the role of leader sometimes gets to him and he is overwhelmed by the stress of being responsible for the team. He fell in love with Zonnette, although at first she only loves his Red Racer alter ego, and is eventually able to confess his love to her. He is a very brave, heroic man who was willing to risk his life to fight as Kyousuke and not Red Racer to prove his love for Zonnette.

* Age: 23 Years Old
* Formula Weapon: Fender Sword (フェンダーソード, Fendā Sōdo)
* Special attack: Driving Attack (ドライビングアタック, Doraibingu Atakku) (A flying punch)

This image comes from the blog Orends: Range

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