Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ranger Profile: Dairanger HououRanger

Dairanger HououRanger

Lin of the Heavenly Wind Star ("天風星"リン, "Tenpūsei" Rin) / HououRanger (ホウオウレンジャー, Hōō Renjā, PhoenixRanger)

Master Kaku's niece. Came to Japan to be a Dairanger (her cover is that she came as an exchange student from China). Only member capable of qi control when not transformed. Hates living with Kou, as he tends to look up her skirt and touch her breasts, but later made friends with him. Once fell in love with Takamura Shouichirou, also known as Media Magician of the Gorma. Specializes in an Ancient form of Eagle Fist utilizing the power of wind. Her Mythical Qi Beast is Star-Houou.

* Age: 18 years old
* Dairen Rod: Bladed Monk's Cudgel
* Dai Weapon: Phoenix Spear (ヤリホウオウ, Yari Hōō)
* Special attacks: Straight Line Tornado (一文字竜巻, Ichimonji Tatsumaki), Big Wheel Blade Whirlwind Slash (大輪剣旋風斬り, Dairinken Senpū Kiri), Straight Line Press (一文字プレス, Ichimonji Puresu)

This image is labeled as being a Jake Speed Scan.

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