Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ranger Profile: Dynaman Dyna Blue

Dynaman Dyna Blue

Yousuke Shima (島 洋介, Shima Yōsuke)/Dyna Blue (ダイナブルー, Dainaburū)

He is from Ishigaki Island. A swimmer and surfer who dreams of inventing artificial gills to allow people to breathe underwater and enjoy waterlife in all of its glory. Has extensive knowledge of sealife. Despises losing, always wanting to make up for failures he is responsible for. His exclusive vehicles are the Surf Jet and the Attack Board.

* Age: 18 years old
* Weapons: Blue Frisbees (ブルーフリスビー, Burū Furisubī), Jet Surfin' (ジェットサーフィン, Jetto Sāfin), Attack Board (アタックボード, Atakku Bōdo)
* Attacks: Air Triangle Fly (空中三角飛び, Kūchū Sankaku Tobi), Twist Kick (ツイストキック, Tsuisuto Kikku)
* Dyna Rod Attack: Blue Water Whirlpool (ブルー水竜巻, Burū Mizu Tatsumaki)

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