Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ranger Profile: Dynaman Dyna Red

Dynaman Dyna Red

Hokuto Dan (弾 北斗, Dan Hokuto)/Dyna Red (ダイナレッド, Dainareddo)

A kendō master from Hokkaido. Responsible and headstrong, he lost his mother when young and sympathizes with children who also suffered the loss of a parent. The master of all martial arts, a rank holder in kendo, karate, judo, and boxing. He is also a champion motorcyclist, as an inventor, Dan's dream is to create an engine that does not cause pollution.

* Age: 22 years old
* Weapons: Dyna Swords (ダイナ剣, Daina Ken)
* Attacks: Magnum Square Punch (マグナムスクエアーパンチ, Magunamu Sukueā Panchi)
* Dyna Rod Attack: Red Fire (レッドファイヤー, Reddo Faiyā)

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