Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ranger Profile: Flashman Green Flash

Flashman Green Flash

Dai (ダイ, Dai) / Green Flash (グリーンフラッシュ, Gurīn Furasshu)

He gained great strength training on the rocky Green Star planet. He made friends with boxer Ryuu Wakakusa, who further trained him in his boxing abilities. He arms himself with brass knuckles. Although he has a cold exterior, he is actually a very warm and charming person. He has a weak spot for women, loves nature and ramen. He befriended the teenage Sumire, who had actually died some years back and had been contacting Dai through telepathy.

* Age: 22 years old
* Weapons: Prism Kaiser (プリズムカイザー, Purizumu Kaizā), Green Vul (グリーンバル, Gurīn Baru)
* Attacks: Rolling Knuckles (ローリングナックル, Rōringu Nakkuru), Super Piston (スーパーピストン, Sūpā Pisuton), Knuckle Guards (ナックルガード, Nakkuru Gādo) (without transformation)

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