Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ranger Profile: Gaoranger Surging Shark GaoBlue

Gaoranger Surging Shark GaoBlue

Kai Samezu (鮫津 海, Samezu Kai) / Surging Shark GaoBlue (怒涛の鮫ガオブルー, Dotō no Same Gaoburū)

"The warrior chosen by GaoShark, Surging Shark~GaoBlue!"

He is a 19 year old freeter, whose previous jobs included pizza delivery and working as a clerk in a bowling alley. He was chosen as a Gaoranger around the same time as Sae. He is a very energetic and playful guy, but he hates being treated as a child. He is skilled at bowling and studied under a professional bowler, Don Katayama. His motto is "Never give up!" which he frequently uses to encourage Soutarou. He is in charge of forming the right arm for the Gaorangers' mecha formations. After the final battle, he became a clerk in a surf shop although he and Soutarou initially planned to run a Chanko shop together. He also seems interested in Sae.

    * Gao Weapon: Shark Cutters (シャークカッター, Shāku Kattā), A pair of tonfas that are wielded by GaoBlue.
    * Special Attacks: Surging Chopper (サージングチョッパー, Sājingu Choppā), Iron Twister (アイアンツイスター, Aian Tsuisutā, With GaoBlack), Giraffe Typhoon (ジュラフタイフーン, Jurafu Taifūn), Giraffe Cutter (ジュラフカッター, Jurafu Kattā), Surging Thrust (サージングスラスト, Sājingu Surasuto, all three with JuuOh Sword holding GaoGiraffe Jewel), Surging Slash (サージングスラッシュ, Sājingu Surasshu, With Eagle Sword), Milk Tornado Drop (牛乳竜巻落とし, Gyūnyū Tatsumaki Otoshi), Tornado Spin (トルネードスピン, Torunēdo Supin)

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