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Ranger Profile: Gekiranger GekiViolet

Gekiranger GekiViolet

Gou Fukami (深見 ゴウ, Fukami Gō) / GekiViolet (ゲキバイオレット, GekiBaioretto)

"Excitement, my style, to the limit of my will! 'Iron Will,' GekiViolet!" (刺激、俺流、わが意を尽くす 「アイアン・ウィル」 ゲキバイオレット!, Shigeki, ore ryū, waga i o tsukusu. "Aian Wiru," GekiBaioretto!)

He is the fourth member and a Fierce Beast Wolf-Fist (激獣ウルフ拳, Gekijū Urufuken) user. He is Retsu's older brother, and very protective of his well-being since their parents died and they spent their childhood at a church. It was there Gou forced Retsu to promise never to take on the Beast-Fist before leaving to face Rio and never be seen again. It was originally believed that Gou had been killed by Rio, the two original students under Sha Fu as well as best friends. But in truth, Gou used an imperfect form of the forbidden Gekiwaza in an attempt to defeat Rio as the Fist Sages had done to seal the Fist Demons long ago. But it failed and Gou, trapped in the form of a werewolf, had lost his memory as he traveled for fifteen years.

Once regaining his human form, Gou was shocked to find the changes that occurred. He was also a bit vexed to find Retsu disobeyed him and took up Fierce Beast-Fist. Though he is of the Fierce Beast Fist, Gou lacks a passion for justice and fights only for himself. This resulted in Gou mastering a personal and dangerous form of Fierce Ki that he developed himself, called Violet Fierce Ki (紫激気(しげき), Shigeki) as well as reinvent the Wolf-Fist into his personal Fukami-Style (深見流, Fukamiryū), a form of the actual Wolf-Fist that uses Muay Thai fighting moves. However, Sha-Fu believed that Gou actually does have a passion for justice deep down, and gave him the GongChanger he commissioned specially for Gou to use. After much soul searching and cajoling by the others, he agrees to become GekiViolet and eventually overcome the beast within him thanks to Bae. However, Gou still desires to defeat Rio and prove himself as his rival, pursuing that goal at all costs until he fails a second time after mastering the strongest Gekiwaza. He holds some animosity towards Jan after Rio sees Jan more of a rival, due to being the son of his mentor, Dan.

During the final battle, Gou is amongst the other Fierce Beast Fist warriors, including the Fist Sages, keeping Long at bay until Jan, Ran, and Retsu returned. He watches as his younger brother, Retsu, along with Jan and Ran, defeats Long and seals his powers. After the battle is over, Gou sets off on his own journey with Bae at his side. Jan meets him along the way and gives him a final farewell before the two go their separate ways.

* Using his Violet Fierce Ki to a degree, Gou can summon GekiTiger and GekiJaguar and control GekiTohja Wolf on his own.
* Beast-Fist Henshin Brace GongChanger (獣拳変身ブレスゴングチェンジャー, Jūken Henshin Buresu GonguChenjā): A wolf-themed henshin device developed by SCRTC for Gou as an alternative to the GekiChanger, which proved incompatible with his unique Violet Fierce Ki. Following his henshin cry, "Echo! Howl of the beasts! Beast On!" (響け!獣の叫び!ビースト・オン!, Hibike! Kemono no sakebi! Bīsuto On!), Gou transforms into GekiViolet, using the GongChanger's gong-inspired sub-theme as medium for his Gekiwaza attacks.

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