Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ranger Profile: Go-onger Go-on Blue

Go-onger Go-on Blue

Renn Kōsaka (香坂 連, Kōsaka Ren) / Go-on Blue (ゴーオンブルー, Gōon Burū)

"Just Correct!! Go-on Blue" (ズバリ正解!!ゴーオンブルー, Zubari Seikai!! Gōon Burū)

Nicknamed the "Cyclopedia" for his attention to the smallest detail, is a former bus driver who tends to be somewhat talkative. He has been referred to as the Go-ongers' "mother" by Bus-on and Gunpei, thanks to his doting personality and his cooking expertise; he apparently takes no offense to the reference. Renn carries a small memo notebook in which is the source of his massive knowledge, jotting down notes about and draws doodles of the enemies the team faces even in the middle of a fight.

Renn is the son of a family that runs a beachside inn, Renn, as a young boy, prayed and offered omelettes every day to a guardian statue in the eventually futile hope that his sickly mother would recover. The guardian statue turned out to be the sealed form of the Arerunbra Uzumaquixote, which Renn learned only after Kitaneidas and Kegareshia tried to claim it.

Not only is Renn the "mother" of the team, but he is also the chief technician; he made modifications to the Engines so they could come together in the G6 and G9 formations, developed the Kyuyu Soul and the Kankanbar, and assisted the Go-on Wings in fine-tuning the Go-Roader GT. After the final battle, Renn becomes Sōsuke's mechanic in the go-kart racing circuit.

* With the MantanGun in Rod Mode, he can perform the Go-on Drift (ゴーオンドリフト, Gōon Dorifuto). With the MantanGun in Gun Mode he can perform the Sniper Shoot (スナイパーシュート, Sunaipā Shūto).
* With the Garage Launcher (ガレージランチャー, Garēji Ranchā) he can perform Launcher Starter (ランチャースターター, Ranchā Sutātā) and Jumping Attack (ジャンピングアタック, Janpingu Atakku)

Engine Bus-on (炎神バスオン, Enjin Basuon)

"The stylish, dashing safety driver!! Engine Bus-on" (粋でいなせな安全運転!!炎神バスオン, Iki de inase na anzen unten!! Enjin Basuon)

He is Go-on Blue's partner, a hybrid between a lion and a bus who is the Edokko spirit of the group and ends his sentences with "Onon Ooonn!" (オンオン!, On'on!). He is able to hold 100 to 200 people in his body. He has brute strength and Bus-on Missiles (バスオンミサイル, Basuon Misairu). He uses his destination sign as a secondary form of communication, changing it to say words such as "Stop" and "Fire!" He forms Engine-Oh's hip, legs, and Go-on Sword.


  1. Awwwwwww how cute Ren and ur partner.

  2. wwwwwooooooowwwwwwww Ren-kun is so pretty! he is extremely cute! I love Ren ^ _ ^

  3. Hey!!! Do you remembre a chapter of go-onger, where go-on blue leads the team because of the absence of go-on red?
    The go-on wings are present yet.
    he is the one who leads the positions

  4. More precisely on GP36. I loved this episode because Ren showed that when he wants, he does! He doing two parts, and it's Sousuke. If not for the strong stance of Ren, Sousuke probably would not have returned.

    In short: I love Ren!! Go-on Blue is soooooo perfect! Alto, modest, kind, educated, intelligent, good cook and ... moreover it is ... handsome!! what more can a woman want? Ren-kun is just perfect! u.u