Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ranger Profile: Go-onger Go-on Green

Go-onger Go-on Green

Hant Jō (城 範人, Jō Hanto) / Go-on Green (/ゴーオングリーン, Gōon Gurīn)

"Doki Doki Delight!! Go-on Green" (ドキドキ愉快!!ゴーオングリーン, Dokidoki Yukai!! Gōon Gurīn)

Nicknamed the "Vagabond," is a freeter working part-time at the Doki Doki Pizzeria until Gunpei's actions cost him his job. He becomes a Go-onger when he helps Gunpei return the Engine Casts to the others. Enthusiastic but immature, Hant briefly took on another part-time job in order to talk with girls his age, lying to his teammates that he was working to supplement their food budget so they could buy barbecue meat. Hant's love of amusement parks prevents him from getting nauseous when Birca uses his Bircutter. After the final battle, Hant is a freeter once again, and again working for the Doki Doki Pizzeria.

* One of his attacks is his Cycle Punch.
* With the Bridge Axe (ブリッジアックス, Burijji Akkusu) he can perform the Axe String (アックスツーリング, Akkusu Tsūringu).

Engine Birca (炎神バルカ, Enjin Baruka)

"The easygoing dreamer!! Engine Birca" (気楽なドリーマー!!炎神バルカ, Kiraku na dorīmā!! Enjin Baruka)

He is Go-on Green's partner, a easy-going hybrid between an orca and a motorcycle who is a polyglot, having spoken Spanish, Italian, French, English, and Mandarin Chinese so far. He ends his sentences with "Bar Barrrca!" (バルバルーカ!, Baru Barūka!). He is best at quick movements, though can be stubborn and rush into things without second thought. In battle, Birca uses his tail, the Bircutter (バルカッター, Barukattā) as a weapon. He forms a left arm in formations, bestowing them with his slicing abilities.

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