Monday, May 4, 2009

Ranger Profile: GoGo-V GoPink

GoGo-V GoPink

Matsuri Tatsumi (巽 祭, Tatsumi Matsuri) / GoPink (ゴーピンク, Gōpinku)

She is the youngest and only daughter of the Tatsumi family. She belongs to the National Seaside Hospital. A kind hearted girl, she is a strong fighter who is very agile and quick. She does not take it kindly when others weaker than her are in trouble and her temper can be pretty deadly when the Saima Clan attack innocent people. At times, she is the one that brings order in the household when her brothers (and father) get out of line.

* Age: 20 years old
* Life Bird component: Tail Injector


  1. when will you find more pics of her transformed with her face showing? Also i like the pics with her half mask portion showing!

  2. Sorry, those are the only images I have of her for right now. If I ever run into more I'll add them.