Monday, May 4, 2009

Ranger Profile: Jetman Blue Swallow

Jetman Blue Swallow

Ako Hayasaka (早坂 アコ, Hayasaka Ako)/Blue Swallow (ブルースワロー, Burū Suwarō)

A senior at Miharakita High School. A bright and cheery girl who wants to marry a rich man. She called Choukan Odagiri "Granny". She first thought of Jetman as a part time job paying ¥1500 (roughly $12.89) an hour, but her first battle awakened her sense of justice and made her realize that she must fight as a warrior (for free, no questions asked). She is best friends with her classmate, Kyouko. She debuts as an idol singer three years after the fall of Vyram.

    * Age: 18 years old
    * Ako is known as Anne in France
    * Attacks: Swallow Dash (スワローダーッシュ, Suwarō Dāsshu)

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