Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ranger Profile: Maskman Black Mask

Maskman Black Mask

Kenta (ケンタ, Kenta)/Black Mask (ブラックマスク, Burakku Masuku)

The second in command of the team. He specializes in kung fu. He is shy around women but can be a playboy at times. He is lighthearted, but strong and dependable, making him an ideal second-in-command, which was proven when a Dogler Beast stole the aura of the other Maskman, leaving only Kenta to fight. He worked as a mechanic for the Sugata Racing Team and once worked for the Sun Racing Team.

    * Age: 22 years old
    * Weapons: Masky Rod (マスキーロッド, Masukī Roddo)
    * Meditation Gesture: Jin (all fingers enlaced in a fist)

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