Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ranger Profile: Maskman Blue Mask

Maskman Blue Mask

Akira (アキラ, Akira)/Blue Mask (ブル-マスク, Burū Masuku)

He is the youngest Maskman. He is a Chinese boxer and a broadsword expert. His father died while he was younger and he was the only child -- left his mother back home alone to move to Tokyo in order to perfect his martial arts ability (in reality to join the Maskman). Unknowingly enters a Tube-rigged tournament in order to win and to prove to his mother that he is succeeding in the purpose he left her for. Always cheerful, he loves apples and the idol Youko Minamino. Much later in the series, he is turned evil after being possessed by the spirit of a swordsman of the Royal Underground Empire named Fencer Unas. Unas was resurrected by some of the Royal Underground slaves of Tube in hopes that he would help set them free from Zeba's tyrannical rule and overthrow him. The underground slaves once witnessed when he freed certain other underground slaves and mistook Akira for a reincarnation of Unas.

* Age: 16 years old
* Weapons: Masky Tonfas (マスキートンファー, Masukī Tonfā)
* Meditation Gesture: Retsu (2 fists together with index finger from right hand sticking out)


  1. i like this guy when i was 7 or around 8.I used to watched maskman at that time and i'm a suuuuuuuppppppeeeeer avid fan of them,i just wonder what is his real name and if you have any biography.because in the tagalized version his name is HEYDRIAN.hope you can post a real biography :)

  2. Wow!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm totally crazy to him. He's really perfect when he hold the sword. Go,go, go blue mask.
    I hope the ABS-CBN will replay it again. I miss those days watching maskman. Incomparable to power ranger these days. Only MaskMan is the best.

  3. Plz connect me to ABS-CBN so that they will replay the maskman here in the Philippines. I miss blue mask. May be I will be crazy not seeing his episodes.

  4. noong bata pa ako di ko natapos ang maskman,dahil sa willing ako na matapos,b umili ako ng buong series nya,at ayon natapos ko na rin,ang ganda ng katapusan,