Friday, May 29, 2009

Ranger Profile: Ohranger OHRed

Ohranger OHRed

U.A.O.H. Captain Gorou Hoshino (UAOH 星野 吾郎, Hoshino Gorō) / OHRed (オーレッド, Ōreddo)

An ace pilot and the team leader, Hoshino is the first to receive his powers. He is cool-headed and quick-thinking person. However, his stubbornness brings him and his teammates much trouble at times. He is an expert in karate, kendo and judo. The others call him "captain".

* Age: 25 Years Old
* OHWeapon: Star Riser, a powerful sword.
* Special attack: Secret Sword: Super-Power Riser (秘剣・超力ライザー, Hiken Chōriki Raizā)

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