Friday, May 15, 2009

Ranger Profile: Timeranger TimeGreen

Timeranger TimeGreen

Cadet Hummardian Sion (シオン, Hummard Seijin Shion) / TimeGreen (タイムグリーン, Taimugurīn)

A 17 year old alien from the planet Hummard, which was destroyed as the result of war and was thus raised on Earth in a laboratory. He is nimble and is curious of everything around him. Sion is also fond of dyeing his hair, which he does every so often since age 3. Due to his alien physiology, Sion only needs to sleep once per year, but it takes him a week of hibernation when he does it. He is also the Timerangers' technical expert able to work with any machine. Sion is in charge of computer repairs for Tomorrow Research. He is (currently) the youngest ranger to exist being born around 2983. In the finale Sion learns that because Hummard had no contact with Earth prior to its destruction, his own history hadn't changed.

* Vol Weapon: VolPulser (ボルパルサー, Boruparusā)
* Attacks: Vector Harden, Vector End: Beat 9 (ベクターエンド・ビート9, Bekutā Endo Bīto Nain)

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