Monday, May 4, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Dairanger Daijinryuu

Daijinryuu (大神龍 ,Daijinryū, Great God Dragon): A colossal god-like entity who preserves the natural balance of the world. He appears whenever battles like the ones between the Dairangers and the Gorma have gone too far. Daijinryuu has no contempt for either side, but has no tolerance for whoever threatens to disrupt the natural order of things. Daijinryuu normally arrived to the world in Rising Dragon Mode (昇竜モード ,Shōryū Mōdo), only to transform into the bipedal Dragon God Mode (竜神モード ,Ryūjin Mōdo), with his feet as big as Daimugen's shell. He is also capable of firing lightning bolts with immense destructive power. During his first appearance, he attacks the Great Famous Pachinko Player and Ryuuseioh. The Great Famous Pachinko Player managed to get away, and Ryuuseioh hid inside Daimugen's shell, but Daijinryuu attempted to crush him. He nearly killed Daimugen. The universes that he obeyed told him that the two warring factions had to agree a cease-fire, so Daijinryuu let him live, but gave a warning to both Dairaingers and the Gorma not incur his wrath by destroying most of Tokyo. Daijinryuu later returned during the second fight with the Great Famous Pachinko Player. The annoyed dragon crushed the monster to under his massive foot, then turned and disassembled Dairen'oh with a lightning bolt. He then attempted to crush Ryuuseioh (the only Mythical Qi Beast left standing). Ryuuseioh was saved by Daimugen, who hid Ryuuseioh inside his shell, but was nearly crushed by Daijinryuu. Again, Daijinryuu let him live because of the universe's will. When the Dairangers dealt with Ikazuchi, Daijinryuu seemingly put many civilians in Tokyo under a spell, which made them bow to Daijinryuu and then fall off buildings, before Jiaxu counter-acted the spell. Daijinryuu made his final appearance to destroy the Gorma Palace, seeing that Shadam and the Gorma were the cause of all the trouble. To calm him down, the Lailai Jewels and the Great Earth Shaking Jewel scattered to the four winds on their own will.

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