Monday, May 4, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Dairanger Akomaru

Akomaru (阿古丸, Akomaru) (17-22, 31-44): A Gorma child who is the son of Shadam, though the two despise each other fiercely. In fact, Akomaru is ranked higher than his father. He wants to replace his father as the Gorma military leader. He first appears to take the power of the KibaRanger, knowing Kou has it and aware of their relation and wanted Kou to fight by his side as brothers. Unfortunately, Akomaru saw that Kou seemed unable to hate and it annoyed him. Akomaru was killed when he was crushed by a boulder, with Kou at his side. Later the Gorma Emperor brought Akomaru back from Hell prior to his tenth birthday, when he and Kou came into their adult power as Gorma. Akomaru was made to believe that his mother abandoned him to a father who does not care about him. Akomaru gave the Dairangers quite a battle when he rode atop his bodyguard Ikazuchii. After Ikazuchii died, Akomaru learned the truth that mother abandoned him because of a taboo that one twin must be killed so the other can have the power of both. So their mother decided to save them, with Akomaru to live as a Gorma and Kou as a normal human. But Akomaru was soon mortally injured by Shadam, limping into the cave collapsing on itself and dying in the embrace of his dying mother with the knowledge that he was loved.

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