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Ranger Villain Profile: Gekiranger Long

Gekiranger Long

Long (ロン, Ron, 23-49)

He is the coordinator of the Mythical Beast-Fist, its actual leader. Though he refers to himself as a master of the Mythical Beast Dragon-Fist (幻獣ドラゴン拳, Genjū Doragonken), Long is not a human but an immortal known as the Infernal Dragon (無間龍, Mugen Ryū), a massive five-headed golden dragon with terrible power who manipulated the fate of humanity behind the scenes out of whim, deciding to make the world "less dull" for himself by creating the Destroyer. To that end, Long devised a means to bring Maku to his side, aiding in the foundation of the Confrontation Beast-Fist Akugata in secret, while conditioning Maku to become the Destroyer. But after the Fist Sages sealed Maku and the Fist Demons, Long was forced to wait until Rio was born. Assuming the guise of a human, Long murdered Rio's family, leaving only a young Rio alive to undergo the needed conditioning. Long also mortally wounded Dan and decimated the village where Jan was born to insure no interference from any of Dan's kin (Jan's survival of Long's assault was by accident). Setting up the Mythical Beast Fist, he used the Blood-Oath Ceremony (血盟の儀式, Ketsumei no Gishiki) to convert others into the Mythical Beast Fist, turning some into his servants.

Long originally hid behind the scenes while overseeing Rio's training, with only Mele knowing about his presence in Confrontation Beast Hall. He even comforted her to an extent by revealing to her that Rio will obtain Fury Confrontation Ki and defeat Maku, setting up the events for it. Furthermore, Long evoked Gou's transformations into the werewolf until Bae's interference stopped that. Long was further vexed to learn that Rio is making his way to the Beast Origin Village, managing to have Rio turn back in the guises of Jan, Gou, and Sha-Fu, revealing the existence of the SoZyuTo that Rio needs to enter the village freely. Long also uses the same illusory power to force Mele to take the SoZyuTo from Ken while he's defenseless. Once Rio and Mele make the run for the Beast Origin Village, Long revealed himself at last to Maku, using himself as a distraction to allow Rio safe passage to the village.

When the Fist Demons had served their purpose, Long arrives to kill Rageku in his fighting form, with the Fist Demon realizing who he is. With the deed done, Long fully reveals himself, offering Rio a chance to master the Mythical Beast Fist to become even stronger, converting both him and Mele in the Blood-Oath Ceremony to further his scheme. However, seeing Jan as a hindrance his plans, Long attempts to kill him behind Rio's back. But ironically, Jan managed to awaken Rio as the Mythical Beast King; much to Long's praise. Mele's interference ruined it, with Long's treachery and true identity revealed as a result, before beating Rio to find out why didn't completely become the Destroyer. When Mele interferes once again, Long attempts to kill her, only to have Rio jump in front of her to shield her from the blast. Seeing Mele the cause, Long takes her as a hostage so Rio can resume his part in the master plan. But once his plan is completely shattered, Long decides to kill them all and start finding a new Destroyer to replace Rio, however, Long is soon seemingly killed by SaiDaiGekiRinTohja. However, his spirit endured and entered Sanyo, using him to recreate himself. Now with a newfound interest in the Beast-Fist power that rivals his own, Long assumes his true form to personally destroy the world himself. Surviving Rio's suicidal attempt to kill him, Long was finally defeated in human fighting form by the three Gekirangers. However, because Long was immortal the Gekirangers couldn't kill him, so they instead sealed him in a small ball, with Jan safeguarding the small golden orb that Long has become.

During the events of Go-onger vs. Gekiranger, Meka uses the Engine Souls as hostages to force Jan to give him the sealed Long, converting his sealed body into the Dōkokugan Soul (慟哭丸ソウル ,Dōkokugan Sōru) before installing it into Nunchaku Banki to empower him. But when Nunchaku Banki shuts down, Long emerges to extact his revenge on the Gekirangers until the revived Rio and Mele arrive. Converting the Savage Machine Beast into a new form to inhabit, Long Banki (ロンバンキ ,Ron Banki), Long battles the two Sentai groups until his vessel is destoryed by the Engine Beast Grand Prix, forcing him back into his sealed form.

* His name is based on lóng, the Mandarin word for "dragon", and motifs are the Azure Dragon and the Dragon of the Earthly Branches (though ironically, his fighting form is gold colored), both of which were said to be based on his true form along with every culture's experience with a dragon as Sha-Fu speculated.

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  1. Since he's immortal and it's pretty inevitable that he can't be kept sealed forever, he'll probably make another appearance someday. Hopefully in Gokaiger.