Friday, May 15, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Gekiranger Rinshīs

The Rinshīs (リンシーズ, Rinshīzu, 1-36, 47, 49) are the Kyonshi warriors revived by Rio performing the Ringi technique "Rinzai". The Rinshī are in turn led by Mele, who is in charge of their development in some cases, being low-level users in the Akugata, they wear masks formed by a hat and a blindfold and use lances as their weapons. If a Rinshī can cross through the Chamber of Trials (試しの房, Tameshi no Bō), defeating the other Rinshī inside single-handed, he/she can remove the mask and the animal motif on the forehead materializes, with the Rinshī receiving new attire and promoted to the more powerful rank of Rinrinshī who can assume "Beast-Man" form for a tentative amount of time. When they die, their bodies petrify and explode in violent bluish flames. Maku send in the entire army to face the rangers. In the aftermath of Maku's defeat, only one Rinshī remained whom Mele assigned the task of finding her a gem. Finding the Raspberry Diamond, the Rinshī dons Butoka armor and obtains the item before Mele enables him to use his full power. But a frustrated Ken arrives in SaiDaiOh and easily destroys the last Rinshī.

The Rinshī are later revived by Long as his personal army, using them to hinder the Gekirangers.

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