Friday, May 1, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Gingaman Captain Zahab

Captain Zahab (ゼイハブ船長, Zeihabu-senchō) is the leader of the Barban. Cruel and violent but at the same time a great strategist. and expert warrior. His appearance resembles a mix of a devil and a stereotypical pirate. He possesses an immortal body, thanks to a Star Soul Jewel created by Daitanix, using Daitanix to recruit his followers by offering him long life. Zahab's left hand is missing, as a result of the battle sustained with the first generation GingaRed three thousand years earlier. He has replaced it with a cannon integrated hook. As a result, Zahab has a grudge against those who take the mantle of GingaRed, including Ryouma. Hearing the death of an underling does not seem to affect him, but deep inside he suffers in private. Eventually, having known of Shelinda's death, Zahab can not take it anymore and falls apart in grief. In the final battle, Zahab is forced to flee from his castle when it is burned by Bull Taurus. After losing the Earth Beast, Zahab takes Shelinda's sword, fights with it, and is killed by the Gingamen in the Galaxy Lights armor and the Black Knight. This was after the combined fire attack of Hyuuga and Ryouma destroyed his Star Soul Jewel, during the finale. He is later resurrected by Gregory, only to be killed once again by the Gingamen in the Galaxy Lights armor in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman vs. Megaranger.

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  1. better know as captain mutiny in power rangers lost galaxy