Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Go-onger Land Pollution Minister Yogostein

Land Pollution Minister Yogostein (害地大臣ヨゴシュタイン, Gaichi Daijin Yogoshutain)

"The Dried Cracked Ground! I am Land Pollution Minister Yogostein" (乾きひび割れた土よ! 我、害地大臣ヨゴシュタイン ,Kawaki hibiwareta tsuchi yo! Ware, Gaichi Daijin Yogoshutain)

Yogostein is the golden-armored general who leads Gaiark's land-based Barbaric Machine Beasts, he uses a spear as his weapon and ends his sentences with "Nari". Though a serious sort, he rejoiced to see his subordinate Hiramechimedes arrives to aid him in destroying the Go-ongers.

Despite continuous failure, his faith and esteem he felt for his vice-minister never faded as he showed concern for Hiramechimedes' well-being and has been in a state of mourning since his death before leaving Hellgaille Palace to clear his head and find himself. By the time he returned, Yogostein was more rage-filled and decides to rely on his own power, creating Hammer Banki to destroy the world rather than remake it into an ideal environment for the Gaiark. It was after his creation was destroyed that Yogostein saw the error of his ways as the other Ministers forgive him for his reckless action.

Yogostein developed the Savage Machine Beast Recycle program, using his spear to remove the Ugatz's Souls from their bodies to revive the Savage Machine Beasts in a Minister team attempt to tear down the dimensional barrier. However, the plan failed and Yogostein sets up a new one with the accidentally created Kegalesia Soul. Soon after, Yogostein resumes acting on his own when he begins a new project to unearth the Horonderthal from his rest, setting up a chain of events that would not only dispose of Go-on Red, but being able to upgrade himself as the new Horonderthal King to rust the entire city. However, his upgrade is canceled by Engine-Oh G12 before being destroyed by the revived Go-on Red in a one-on-one duel. His name is from the Japanese word for "to soil" (汚す ,yogosu).

* With Hiramechimedes and Happa Banki, they can perform the Land Pollution Gattai DoDoDo Ground (害地合体ドドドグラウンド, Gaichi Gattai Dododo Guraundo).
* His name is a pun on the Japanese word for "to soil" (汚す, yogosu) and "Einstein" (アインシュタイン, Ainshutain)
* When attacking with other Land Pollution Ministry members he says, "The Earth soiled by a hateful guy, Land Pollution Minister Yogostein!"

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