Monday, May 4, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Jetman Grey

Grey (グレイ, Gurei, 1-50): A robot who ironically was always the most reasoning one in Vyram. Despite being a robot, he showed human feelings, especially love for wine, music, cigarettes, and particularly Maria, whom Grey shielded when fighting Jetman. In the end he realized Maria wasn't his to keep and was willing to let her go to Ryuu. He is armed with the Grey Cannon (グレイキャノン, Gurei Kyanon), Mulshot Gun (マルショットガン, Marushotto Gan), and Hand Greyzer (ハンドグレイザー, Hando Gureizā). Grey is Gai's rival, and in episode 50, they battled in a last duel. Grey lost, but Gai approached him before Grey died, and lit him one last cigarette as a sign of acknowledgment as a worthy rival.

This image comes from the blog Orends: Range

This image comes from the blog Orends: Range

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