Monday, May 4, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Jetman Maria/Rie Aoi

Maria (マリア, Maria, 1-49): She was formerly known as Rie Aoi (藍リエ, Aoi Rie), Sky Forcer W3, 22 years old, very skilled at piano and love interest of Ryuu Tendou. After the first attack of Vyram on Earth Ship, Rie is kidnapped and brainwashed by Radiguet. She loves to battle, and her methods are cruel and cold. She is armed with the Necrod, with sword, gun, and whip modes. The monsters created by her were often motivated by envy, and attacked mainly women. Had a relationship with Grey after he protected her during the fight to get back Kaori and Ako who had been turned into a photograph by Camera Jigen (カメラジゲン, Kamerajigen). Always played piano music for Grey despite not knowing how she knew this music after her idenity was found out the relationship got difficult. Grey was willing to let her go if it made her happy. Near the end of the series Radiguet implants a parasite on her body to increase her power, but it turns her into a vampiric creature. She was slain by Radiguet after reverting to Rie, before dying she managed to back-stab him with a sword which allowed the Jet Ícaros to finally kill him with the same maneuver. Died in Grey's arms repeating Ryuu's name. Her ghost later appeared in the finale, saying goodbye to Ryuu after his marriage to Kaori.

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  1. Christa fe sumandalJuly 26, 2010 at 9:06 PM

    this is my fave villains in choujin sentaijetman and also the actress maho maruyama protray the two major roles in this toku drama series in choujin sentai jetman as sky force w3 rie aoi and maria from the vyram elite.she's so beautiful inside and out.even the series is ended.this is my fave tokusatsu drama series of all time.i wish i could see them reunited in their toku drama series.

  2. I totally agree, Maria is the best dramatic villain ( and beautiful) of all.Very nice character, we need some vyram back !!!!