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Ranger Villain Profile: Kakuranger Enemies

The Youkai Army Corps (妖怪軍団, Yōkai Gundan, Apparition Army Corps) were sealed away 400 years ago by the Kakurangers' ancestors. They have now changed their forms to keep up with the times. Most have a human-form (sometimes distinguished with bizarre markings on their faces) and use the Ninja-Arts themselves. When defeated, they summon a lightning made of human despair and misery to strike them, causing to grow into giants.

Nurarihyon (ヌラリヒョン, Nurarihyon) (1): The previous leader of the Youkai years ago who was defeated by the ancestors of the Kakurangers long ago by being sealed away.

Daimaou (大魔王, Daimaō, Great Demon King) (23, 30-53): A 1,200-year old youkai who took over as the new Youkai leader, having his son Junior set up preparations for his coming into the human world by gathering children's souls to open the Demon-Seal Gate that confined Daimaou at bay, then gathering the souls of every human in the airborn district to speed-up the process. However, though Super Kakure DaiShogun destroyed the Seal and canceled the ceremony, thus setting all victims free, the Seal reformed itself and Daimaou emerges, turning the altar into his base of operations before later using a giant flying skull castle with wing-like ears as his lair. He later declared the time of darkness, creating Daradara to aid him to drown the world in darkness before Daradara was destroyed. After his brother & sister were defeated, Daimaou was the only Youkai left to deal with the Kakurangers. However, Daimaou, being the embodiment of all evil and couldn't be destroyed or his influence would spread worldwide. In the finale, when he grew giant, the Sanshinshou and NinjaMan used their powers to shrink him, allowing the Kakurangers to seal him back into the cave where the other Youkai are/were entombed.

Gasha Dokuro (ガシャドクロ, Gasha Dokuro, Gasha Skull?) (14-31): Prince of the Youkai, the son of Daimaou, Gasha Dokuro made himself known to the Kakurangers in the guise of Young Noble Junior (貴公子ジュニア, Kikōshi Junia), a bleached blonde leather punk with a guitar that can turn into a chainsaw and a love for Death metal rock and classical music. In Episode 23, he revealed his true form to the Kakurangers and, in Episode 24, he managed to defeat them in battle. In his true form, usually evoked when he gets pumped up about something, Gasha Dokuro is a skeleton Youkai wearing an army helmet, half of his body is white while the other half matches his helmet and is camouflage. Extremely effective, he has had a long staying power than most Youkai and less than his father, who contacted Junior and demanded plans for his release. Junior carries it out, defeating the Juusho Fighters and stopping them from summoning Invicnible Shogun before using his power to take the skull-like altar he created on a building and the surrounding district into the sky beyond the Kakurangers' reach. From there he used his music to turn those trapped on it into stone to serve as materials for Daimaoh's revival. While Gasha Dokuro appears to be completely heartless to even his lackeys and more relentless in combat, he does have some respect for the Kakuranger, as seen when he allowed his Dorodoros to give water to the Kappa-ized Seikai and Saizou to fight Nue. Once all the Kakurangers had obtained the Shinobi Scrolls, Junior assumes his true form to battle the Chounin Beasts, and was overpowered by them until Hakamenrou intervened. The fact that he had to be saved by the very human whom Daimaou prizes above him, drove Junior to uncover Hakamenrou enlisting Sandayuu to help stage his fight. After mortally wounding Sandayuu, Junior assumes his true form and overpowered the Kakurangers at first until Tsubasamaru gives Sasuke the Hikarimaru to defeat Gasha Dokuro. But Gasha Dokuro to accept defeat and enlarges, fighting the Chounin Beasts once again with the gear he had Yagami commission for him. But the tables turned when the team form Kakure DaiShogun, and then SuperKakure Daishougun, stripping off his gear before killing him. Soon after, Daimaou states that Gasha Dokuro was no more than a pawn who was no longer needed in the Youkai's ultimate plan.

Prof. Yugami (ユガミ博士, Yugami-hakase, Prof. Warp) (12-16, 30-31): A youkai scientist who created replicas of Youkai monsters from kidnapped children for Tengu. After Tengu's defeat, Yugami came under the services of Junior, providing the Youkai prince with mechanical weapons and armor for the other Youkai serving him. He appeared to cheer Gasha Dokuro on during the final stages of their plan until he was horrified to see his master destroyed before he himself was killed when a piece of the Demon Sealing Door shattered by Super Kakure Daishogun fell on him, crushing his body.

Nue (ヌエ, Nue) (27-29): Messenger of Daimaou, whose very arrival marked and signaled Daimaou's return. The source of his power comes from the tattoo on his left shoulder. He is a cruel Youkai who would even kill the Dorodoros, having no tolerance for their goofy nature. Nue also saw Junior unfit to resurrect Daimaou. Taking over the noble's fight with Saizou and Sekai, Nue uses his feather shuikens to turn the two into Kappas to halt their Shinobi Scroll search. The stunt forced a maddened Seikai and Saizou to almost kill each other, but the two overcame their plight in time to force Nue to change them back. Though Nue easily overpowered them, Saizou and Sekai refused to give up and managed to defeat the Youkai. A enraged Nue was about to kill them when the Invincible Shogun appeared, battling the enlarged Nue who uses his serpent to defeat the Shinshou single-handedly. Though outmatched by Nue again, Seikai and Saizou obtained their Scrolls and battled Nue in God Logan and God Kumard, which left Nue buried in the confrontation. However, Nue survived and sent his assassin, Gali, to handle Jiraiya for him. Once Gali died, Nue resurfaces and enlarges. Jiraiya refused to give up to the large Youkai and obtained the final Shinobi Scroll and used GodGammer to wound Nue. Once the rest of the gang arrived, the Chounin Beasts attack in fullforce with Tsubasamaru aiding them in killing Nue.

Daidarabotchi (ダイダラボッチ, Daidarabotchi) (50): A burly robotic youkai and younger brother of Daimaou, he briefly disguised himself as an innkeeper alongside his sister. But he was killed by Super Kakure Daishogun, Invincible Shogun, and SamuraiMan as a result.

Yama-uba (ヤマンバ, Yamanba) (50-52): Younger sister of Daimaou, who arrived with Daidarabotchi to help her older brother out with the Kakurangers. She hates sunlight. She briefly disguised herself as an innkeeper to lure the Kakuranger into a trap. But after the death of Daidarabotchi, Daimaou's powered her up into a stronger second form near the finale using lightning and dark magic.When the people in town and the Kakurangers learned the Tsuruhime's father was working for the youkai the misery and anguish they felt helped keep Yama-uba alive and strong. Until they were able to feel hope and that cut off her source of power. Killed by SamuraiMan, Super Invincible Shogun, and Kakure Daishogun.

Flowery Kunoichi Team (花のくノ一組, Hana no Kunoichi Gumi) (15-53): Gasha Dokuro's personal ninja team he created from cats. They are cruel, skilled female ninjas armed with Ninja Magic, and are capable of disguise. Also known as the Hana Rangers. The Sanshinshou turned them back into cats during the finale.

* Ayame (アヤメ, Ayame, Iris) / Deep Blue
* Sakura (サクラ, Sakura, Cherry Blossom) / Pink
* Suiren (スイレン, Suiren, Water Lily) / Olive Green
* Yuri (ユリ, Yuri, Lily) / Orange
* Ran (ラン, Ran, Orchid) / Purple

Dorodoros (ドロドロ, Dorodoro): Youkai grunts, they have warped, ghost-like faces and are clad in light-blue tights. That are able to "mold" themselves into human form. The Dorodoros have a fear of Nue, as he would not hesitate to kill them if they get out of line with him.

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