Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Maskman Earth Imperial Prince/Princess Igam

Earth Imperial Prince/Princess Igam (地帝王子イガム, Chiteiōshi Igamu) (1-51) - The twin sister of Princess Ial. As eldest, Igam was raised as a male in order to one day take the throne of the Igam Royal Family kingdom though she obviously looks like a woman and only the viewers or some people in the series knows of the truth. She holds a hatred for Ial for falling in love with an ordinary aboveground human, "smearing the Igam name", and despises Takeru for being the man responsible. She revives the Igam Dragon, who was a peaceful being who once served the Igam no matter what the situation, and forced it to fight with her against the Maskmen. Amongst her abilities it is the Death Ring, an electrified force field, whose weakness is it spends too much energy, leaving her tired, as was the case in her first fight against Takeru in episode 10, "Igam VS Takeru." She was revealed to be a woman to others who never knew of her identity as a woman when Blue Mask was freed from his spirit possession, She was saddened to see the death of Baraba for some unknown reason, possibly she was in love with him or she was worried she would die next. She became a Buddhist nun in the finale of the series to repent for her sins, while leaving her sister to become the new heir to the Igam kingdom.

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