Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Maskman Earth Imperial Commander Baraba

Earth Imperial Commander Baraba (地帝指令バラバ, Chitei Shirei Baraba) (1-48) - A skilled swordsman and strongman of the Baluga tribe and rival of Igam, who always scoffs. He gets the Royal Underground Sword in the mid-episodes where he reveals his ultimate force of fury after his mother Raraba (played by Machiko Soga) was killed. After one failure too many, Baraba is sentenced to death by the Emperor Zeba and is told that he can only redeem himself by destroying the Maskman. He makes a deal with Kiros and gets the Princess Ial as a hostage without knowing that Kiros had other plans. When this happens, he is later betrayed by his underling Oyubu for despising the Emperor's methods. He challenged Red Mask into a final duel between the two of them. He was killed by Red Mask.

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