Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Megaranger Dr. Hinelar

Dr. Hinelar (ドクターヒネラー, Dokutā Hinerā): Formerly cybernetic scientist Dr. Samejima (鮫島博士, Samejima-hakase), Hinelar is the leader of the group under Javious. He made studies on space exploring suits and lost his beloved daughter in one of this experiments, destroying his reputation and scarring him. He later worked with Kubota on an interdimenional project, with Samejima sucked into it. He ended up in Nejiregia, and became Javious' right hand man. Hinelar later plotted and successfully killed Javious through the Nejirangers, to become the new high leader of the Nejiregians. After the destruction of Javious, the nejire dimension closed making Hinelar build Hinelar City (ヒネラーシティ, Hinerā Shiti) in which he intended to concentrate all mankind as data cards. Soon after Shibolena's demise and the destruciton of his City, Hinelar gained a second 'fighting' form to battle the Megarangers himself. However, the device that kept his body from warping on itself (a side effect from being in Nejiregia) was damaged and retreated into the Gran Nejiros, turning it into Death Nejiro to pilot it. When the Death Nejiro exploded during the Mega Voyager's sacrifice, Hinelar, still inside while trying to will his body from collapsing onto itself, was killed.


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