Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Ohranger Butler Acha and Butler Kocha

Butler Acha (Shitsuji Acha): Baranoia's Imperial Family Butler who follows whoever is in command at the time. He read the War Declaration to Earth in Episode 2. Took care of young Buldont when in the field, even serving as the producer of his movie. When Bomber the Great took over, he simply forgot about Hysteria and served him. When Buldont returned, the same happened, Acha would't care less about Bomber. At the end of the series, he turned good and went with Kocha, Buldont and Multiwas's son, and Gunmajin back to Gunmajin's planet.

Butler Kocha (Shitsuji Kocha): A miniature robot who served the family along Acha. It was always on his bigger counterpart's shoulder like a pirate captain's parrot. In episode 8 an enlarging beam for the Machine Beasts was installed. At the series finale he was taken by Gunmajin back to Gunmajin's home planet.

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