Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Ohranger Prince Buldont

Prince Buldont (皇子ブルドント, Ōji Burudonto): The son of Bacchus Wrath, he is basically a robot child. Mischievous and spoiled, he thought of humans as simple toys. He once attempted to direct his own movie, "Century of the Machine Empire", by using humans with no notion that they die from the realism. After his father's death, Buldont challenged Bomber the Great to a duel for the throne of Baranoia and lost. His body and Hysteria were banished to Space. However, Bacchus, who somehow managed to survive via his head, managed to give all his remaining energy to his son, and turned him into Kaiser Buldont (カイザーブルドント, Kaizā Burudonto), a fully-grown form. After returning to Baranoia and destroying Bomber the Great, Buldont regained the leadership of Baranoia. He died fighting the OHrangers alongside his wife Multiwa in the series finale at the hands of King Pyramidder Battle Formation.

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