Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ranger Villain Profile: Shinkenger Juzo Fuwa

Juzo Fuwa (腑破 十臓 ,Fuwa Jūzō, 7-26, 33-) is a mysterious Gedoushu, regarded by the others as a stray, yet he seems to know more than Doukoku's group about the Sanzu River's true potential. Armed with the katana Uramasa (裏正 ,Uramasa, "Reverse Justice"), Juzo was previously a human master swordsman in life, eventually becoming disenchanted with the ways of bushidō and thriving more on the pleasure of killing his opponents in battle. When he contracts a fatal illness, Juzo enters the Sanzu River to cheat death, completely discarding the goodness in his heart to become a Gedounin (外道人, Gedōnin), a half-Gedoushu that can freely exist in both realms and assume a human form. As a result, Juzo is condemned with an insatiable urge to find an ideal opponent, a fellow samurai who strays from the teachings of bushidō, to clash blades with. He finds this opponent in Takeru Shiba, after witnessing his swordfighting as Shinken Red. This obsession with fighting Shinken Red leads Doukoku to seal Juzo's Gedoushu powers, leaving him for dead in the Sanzu River. Although he barely survives with Dayu's aid, he continues to defy Doukoku by making sure that Takeru is at his strongest for their next fight, even curing him of Shitari's poisoning. After a long battle in which he manages to severely wound Shinken Red, Juzo is defeated and falls off a cliff into the ocean below.

* His surname is translated as disemboweling (腑破 ,fuwa)

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