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Ranger Villain Profile: Turboranger Enemies

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The Hundred Violent Demon Tribes (暴魔百族, Bōma Hyakuzoku) are worshipers of violence and magic. They lost to human-Faery coalition 20,000 years ago. They are now free due to pollution having weakened the Faery magic that sealed them, with the Violent Demon Castle (暴魔城, Bōma Jō) as their operations base. They intend to conquer Earth and eliminate humanity. In the finale, the Violent Demon Castle is destroyed by the Super Turbo Builder.

Great Violent Demon Emperor Lagorn (大暴魔帝王ラゴーン, Dai Bōma Teiō Ragōn) (1-39, 46-51): The absolute dictator of the Violent Demons. He is initially partly immobile as he can still move his head and arms, he always remained seated. He is shown merciless and cruel to everyone. He sends Zimba and Jarmin on their death missions and suggested that Yamimaru be made a new officer to Lehda. He sends Lehda to have his new Super Violent Demon Beast try to destroy the Turborangers. After Lehda and the Super Violent Demon Beast were both killed, he decides to punish Zulten with his powers for cowardice. He 'dies' after the conspiracy of Yamimaru and Kirika, who decided to kidnap Riki and pit him against Lagorn in a one-on-one battle to the death. Riki mortally wounds him with a stab at the heart, causing him to receive explosions while Zulten only watched helplessly from a distance, not able to lift a finger to help him because of the red thread barrier Yamimaru and Kirika placed to trap him with Red Turbo. However he becomes mobile after retrieves the monster-enlarging orb, he tries to kill Red Turbo and he grows giant and decides to punish the two traitors Yamimaru and Kirika for their treachery. He is then 'destroyed' by the Super Turbo Builder. He later revives himself by consuming energies of hatred and sadness around him, and becomes the gold-skinned and mobile Neo-Lagorn (ネオラゴーン, Neo Ragōn). He faces the Turborangers as a giant in the finale in which he is destroyed for good by the Super Turborobo.

Violent Demon Doctor Lehda (暴魔博士レーダ, Bōma Hakase Rēda) (1-30): A bearded mystic genius with a nautilus shell-like head and a human face. He is second in command. Intelligent and cruel, he hates humanity and his schemes always involve the use of human deeds against humans themselves and mass killings of humans as well. He is usually portrayed to be the kind of field commander who does not show up often and works closely with Lagorn, receiving less ire and is entrusted with the most dangerous of operations. He is very skilled in witchcraft making him a powerful sorcerer. He was later sent to take care of the Turborangers with the Super Violent Demon Beast when both Jarmin and Zimba died where he almost buried them alive seeking revenge for Lagorn, as he was entrusted. When he saw the Turbo Robo pass by, he used his efforts to lure Red Turbo out to a battle. This was because of his tiredness of Yamimaru's delaying tactics that he decided a final battle should be fought rather than return to Lagorn defeated. In that battle, Red Turbo and Lehda duel to the death. He reveals his illusion powers from his cape (and his ugly visage under it) in an attempt to wipe out Red Turbo even with the ghosts of Jarmin and Zimba. However Red Turbo managed to counter his attacks by slashing his cape, stabbed him at the stomach, mortally wounded him and performed a GT Slash which inevitably killed him where he exploded violently as he uttered his final words in an illusion form that they could not last long against Lagorn's wrath.

Dark Violent Demon Zimba (暗闇暴魔ジンバ, Kurayami Bōma Jinba) (1-28): A samurai-like masked warrior in black armor, expert in all martial arts with a mastery of swords. He loves to hate, a sadistic madman who takes pleasure in human hurts and his plans usually involve tearing apart loved ones which he enjoys which can be seen in most episodes he is in. The reason that is revealed in an earlier episode is because Zimba was once actually a man (or beast, violent demon) who fought with a powerful army for a princess he loved. At the end of the fateful battle, Zimba was worn down and near death -- the princess, apparently human was disgusted by his ugly appearance as an oni and abandoned him for worms to devour. He died, a supernatural grudge born, transforming his corpse into the beast he is today. Tired of his repeated failure, he was sentenced to death by Lagorn, left the castle by slashing a bell which Jarmin picks up (the two seem to actually share a romance despite his hate-loving nature) and it gives Yamimaru the opportunity to trick him into walking into a deathtrap by challenging the Turborangers one last time. He was killed by his sworn rival Red Turbo with a GT Slash after a long duel. Yamimaru enlarged him into a far more powerful form where he outlasted and defeated the Turbo Robo. He was then destroyed by the Turbo Builder in battle.

Violent Demon Princess Jarmin (暴魔姫ジャーミン, Bōma Hime Jāmin) (1-29): A magician who, when angered, flashes her true face, which is that of a snake. A cold and somewhat cowardly woman who uses a whip. Her tactics involve deception like when she forced the Ice and Fire Violent Demons to fight for her. She was somewhat hurt to see Zimba leave the castle, picking up a bell he slashed up afterwards, worrying that Zimba may never return. When she saw Zimba die, she felt a tinge of sadness holding the bell that Zimba slashed in the air which she picked up shortly after Zimba left, suggesting that she might have had feelings for Zimba. When she was forced by Lagorn to challenge the Turborangers one last time, she revealed the monster Demon that was hidden inside her body, Kuroko. She was defeated by Black Turbo. She then absorbed herself into Kuroko to assume a giant-snake demon form when she was near death and was killed shortly afterwards by Turbo Rugger.

Rage Flying Violent Demon Zulten (かっとび暴魔ズルテン, Kattobi Bōma Zuruten) (1-51): A fat, disgusting creature able to turn into golf cart-like vehicle for Jarmin. A cheat who does anything to win; weak willed, always sucking up to superiors. He was the last of the original four bad guys serving Lagorn to be killed. He is not in good graces with Lagorn for his cowardice (and serves as a scapegoat after the death of Lehda, he also tried to use Zulten Metal Type to win his position back) and remained hidden afterwards but shows up at times especially after Lehda's death and during the arrival of Yamimaru and Kirika and remained hidden during the battle of Red Turbo and Lagorn due to the barrier placed by Yamimaru being unable to help his master. He sided with the Wandering Violent Demons fearing his death but returned loyalty to Lagorn afterwards. He was killed when he tried to perform an assault on the Turbo Builder which is far too stupid being vaporized in the process.

Wular Soldiers (ウーラー兵, Ūrā Hei): Foot soldiers. They are black-skinned grunts able to merge into ball-shaped Wular Dumplings. Their name is derived from the Japanese term "urami" (grudge). Led by two captains named Wu (ウー, Ū) and Lar (ラー, Rā), who are red colored, but they no longer show up later on. They had Wular Violent Demon (ウーラーボーマ, Ūrā Bōma) as their leader.

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