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Ranger Profile: Dekaranger DekaBreak

Dekaranger DekaBreak

Tekkan Aira (姶良 鉄幹, Aira Tekkan) / DekaBreak (デカブレイク, Dekabureiku)

    "Facing terrorists! Smashing the darkness of fear! Daybreak Detective! DekaBreak!"
    "Six! It's good to be invincible!" (Muttsu! Muteki no nanka ii!)

Nickname, "Tetsu" (テツ, Tetsu). His number is 6, written as the Roman numeral VI. A super elite from SPD's Tokkyou division who was sent to earth to fight the Hell Siblings, an elite group of Alienizers who have already destroyed seventy-nine planets, Earth being their next target.

An Alienizer named Genio killed Tetsu's parents when he was about five years old. Tetsu was raised by the Space Police off-planet. He pilots the DekaBike. His catchphrase is "Nonsense!" His fighting style is Seiken Accel Blow ("Justice Fist Acceleration Blow"), a style of Kempo that all elite SPD officers (or "Tokkyou") use when battling very deadly Alienizers and better handling the BraceThrottle.

In episodes 26, 45, and in Magiranger Vs. Dekaranger, Tetsu dressed up in drag to disguise himself. There's some indication that he's interested in Swan-san. In addition, he treats Umeko like a baby sister. He also develops a strong friendship with Ban, calling him "Sempai", and promptly replaces him as Jasmine's partner when Ban joins the Fire Squad. Tetsu appeared in GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai when he was investgating a case then Eiji came in. Later on he is seen with Tsubasa, Nanami, and Asuka as they aid Eiji in defeating Chronos. He transferred his "Justice Spirit" power to AkaRed to power DaiVoyager.

    * SPD Weapon: BraceThrottle: The personal changer of a Tokkyou which allows Tetsu to change into a Dekasuit. Henshin call is "Emergency! DekaBreak!". When the throttle is turned it enables for the user to use specialized punch based attacks. Also has a built in Communicator and Judgement Mode functions as well. In given times, the device is also used as a life support system and fire extinguisher.

Throttle Techniques
* Kousoku-ken "Lighting Fist"/Chou Kousoku-ken "Super Lightning Fist": Speed Increase
* Goriki-ken "Power Fist"/Chou Goriki-ken "Super Power Fist": Strength Increase
* Dengeki-Ken "Electro Fist"/Chou Dengeki-ken "Hyper Electro Fist": Electric Shockwave
* Shakunetsu-ken "Fire Fist": Fireball Attack
* Tatsumaki-ken "Tornado Fist": Cyclone Blast
* Funsha-ken "Impulse Fist"/"Super Impluse Fist": Fire Extinguisher
Deletion Techniques/Seiken Accel Blow Ougi
* Hissatsu-ken "Sonic Hammer": Flying Punch Finisher (Tetsu's Default Deletion Attack)
* Kosouku-ken "Lightning Upper": Uppercut Finisher (Active while Tetsu is using "Super Lighting Fist". Used to delete Genio)
* Senkou-ken "Plasma Fist": Rushing Punch Finisher (seen in DekaRed vs. DekaBreak)
* Shining Fist: A rapid-fire Punch attack when being launched from the MagiLamp Buster (seen in Magi vs. Deka). Unfortunately, Tetsu had to deal with Smoky the Magical Cat first.

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