Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ranger Profile: Gingaman GingaYellow

Gingaman GingaYellow

Hikaru (ヒカル, Hikaru) / GingaYellow (ギンガイエロー, Gingaierō)

Even though he can be very childish at times, he hates to be treated like a kid. Hikaru is a gluttonous prankster. His favorite food is Mister Donut's donut. After the appearance of Biznella they often fought each other. Hikaru's element is thunder. Later, with the Lights of Ginga, Hikaru can become Super Armor Shine GingaYellow (超装光ギンガイエロー, Chōsōkō Gingaierō).

* Age: 17 Years Old
* Willing Sword Kiba: Kiba Knives (キバナイフ, Kiba Naifu)
* Earth Elemental Technique: Howl of Thunder (雷の雄叫び, Inazuma no Otakebi)
* Starbeast Sword Technique: Thunder Sweep (雷一掃, Inazuma Issō)
* Machine Blade Technique: Lightning Cut

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