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Ranger Profile: Go-onger Go-on Red

Go-onger Go-on Red

Sōsuke Esumi (江角 走輔, Esumi Sōsuke) / Go-on Red (ゴーオンレッド, Gōon Reddo)

"Mach Full Force!! Go-on Red" (マッハ全開!!ゴーオンレッド, Mahha Zenkai!! Gōon Reddo)

Nicknamed the "Speed King," was formerly a race car driver training under Tojiro Fuji. Possessing a sunny disposition, he was referred to by his racing team as "Miracle Esumi" for his belief in miracles. Unyielding and always full of confidence, he confronts all obstacles without hesitation. He is often seen flipping a Go-onger coin for good luck. When Speedor becomes rusted, Sōsuke crosses paths with his former mentor, who aids him by reminding him that a miracle takes more than one person to make by himself. Sōsuke becomes worried when Saki mentions that she wants to be pretty for a boyfriend who will appreciate her, which suggests that either he himself is interested in her, or that he is simply very protective of his teammates.

When Saki expresses that she wants to be pretty for a boyfriend who will appreciate her and makes a date with a young musician not long after, Sōsuke worries that she intends to leave the team to get married. Sōsuke is thought to secretly like Miu Sutō; in GP 30 ("Friendship's Punch"), while under the influence of a Gaiark energy drink, he gives her a ring. After the final battle, Sōsuke returns to racing, but because of his long absence from the racing circuit, he has to start from the bottom as a go-kart driver.

* With his high speed abilities, he uses the MantanGun in Rod Mode to perform the Go-on Thrust (ゴーオンスラスト, Gōon Surasuto), which skewers multiple enemies, and the Spin Rod Crash (スピンロッドクラッシュ, Supin Roddo Kurasshu).
* With the Road Saber (ロードサーベル, Rōdo Sāberu) he can perform the Saber Straight (サーベルストレート, Sāberu Sutorēto) Saber Straight Go-on Rendezvous (サーベルストレート・ゴーオンランデブー ,Sāberu Sutorēto Gōon Randebū, with the Rocket Dagger), and Saber Spin Crash (サーベルスピンクラッシュ ,Sāberu Supin Kurasshu).
* During the events of Go-onger vs. Gekiranger, Sōsuke learned an enhanced version of his Saber Straight combined with his own Geki manifested into an image of Speedor, dubbing it the Geki Speedor Saber Straight (ゲキスピードルサーベルストレート ,Geki Supīdoru Sāberu Sutorēto). His Engine Fist move is the Drrr Drrr Bullet (ドルドル弾 ,Doru Doru Dan), performed with the MantanGun. With Go-on Blue with the Cowl Laser and Go-on Yellow with the Bridge Axe, he can perform Go-on Bond Spirits (ゴーオンキズナスピリッツ ,Gō-on Kizuna Supirittsu) with the Rocket Daggers.

Engine Speedor (炎神スピードル, Enjin Supīdoru)

"I've got a tank full of courage, a highway star!! Engine Speedor" (勇気満タン、ハイウェイスター!!炎神スピードル, Yūki mantan, haiwei sutā!! Enjin Supīdoru)

He is Go-on Red's partner, a hybrid between a condor and a sports car who ends his sentences with "Drrrr Drrrr!" (ドルドル!, Doru Doru!). His engine pipes spout out flames in his Speedor Burst (スピードルバースト, Supīdoru Bāsuto) attack. His speed is unmatched and able to travel the length of Japan at full speed of 1000 km/h within three hours. Speedor can assume "Accel Full Throttle", a "semi-flying" mode where Speedor uses his talons for attacks, but he can only glide. He forms the upper body and head of Engine-Oh.

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  1. go on red and ranger red are both cool scott and sosuke and strong leader good job guys

  2. If only he could be this handsome in the American version.

  3. Scott is cool red ranger real leader hope Eka come back 18 season team up

  4. Go-on Red has two voices: Jason Griffith (Go-onger and Roger Craig Smith (Gokaiger)