Friday, June 5, 2009

Ranger Profile: GoGo-V GoGreen

GoGo-V GoGreen

Shou Tatsumi (巽 鐘, Tatsumi Shō) / GoGreen (ゴーグリーン, Gōgurīn)

Shou is the third son, he is a helicopter pilot in the Helicopter Brigade of the Capital Fire Department. He has always dreamed of being a pilot, when he first got his job at the Helicopter the whole family celebrated with him, Matoi even sang karaoke, he than ran out of the room to thank God, for getting what he wished for. Once over an argument with Matoi about him wanting to be a pilot more than a GoGo-V team member Shou almost quit the team. Out of all the siblings Shou was the most angry and bitter towards their father. While Nagare does not talk back to their older brother, Shou does, he argues constantly with Matoi. Shou is a skilled helicopter pilot, he never loses control and can be very reliable. That's why it was a surprise to him and the team when one time his reckless flying almost caused innocent civilians to be injured. This resulted into a huge fight between him and Matoi. Shou is a cunning and swift warrior. At times he questions his older brother's leadership.

* Age: 22 years old

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