Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ranger Profile: Megaranger MegaSilver

Megaranger MegaSilver

Yuusaku Hayakawa (早川 裕作, Hayakawa Yūsaku) / MegaSilver (メガシルバー, Megashirubā)

INET Agent, he used a prototype of the Megaranger suits to create his own suit. At first Yuusaku could only stay in his MegaSilver suit for 2.5 minutes due to a flaw in the suit, but he later was able to fix this. When the main Mega Rangers altered their costumes to look exactly like Shun's to trick the Nejirangers, Yuusaku confused them even further by disguising himself as NejiSilver, and was armed with a twisted version of his Silver Blazer. It was Yuusaku who had been working on the "Space Mega Project", which was revealed to be the Megaranger's Voyager Machines. Yuusaku even made his own mecha, Mega Winger. His change device is the cell-phone device known as the Keitaizer (play off of Keitai Denwa, or "cellular phone"). Forehead symbol is the microchip.

* Age: 25 Years Old
* Mega Weapon: Silver Blazer (シルバーブレイザー, Shirubā Bureizā), arm weapon with sword or gun modes.
* Special Attack: Blazer Impact (ブレイザーインパクト, Bureizā Inpakuto): a barrage of blasts in gun mode, followed by a close blade slash.

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